cstone logo Cornerstone @ Pedregal Elementary School Database (version 1.1)

Welcome to the Cornerstone Database. As a parent participation school, the database is used to keep track of information related to families, students, teaching parent schedules, service hours, meetings attendance, and other relevant data that is used to make Cornerstone a unique and rewarding school experience.

NOTE: The report for determining Service Hours Pins was pulled Wednesday midnight and sent to the publisher the following day. However, you can still enter Service Hours since it is expected that every family perform at least 15 hours each school year.

>>>>> Database is up and running <<<<<

Cornerstone Database User's Manual version 1.2 is now available here. This version describes in detail how to complete all of the forms that are required from each family. There is also a section in the Manual on troubleshooting if you cannot log into the database.

Thank you,

Minako Speck
Participation sChair
For questions about or issues with the database, please contact Mark Hama at markhama50@gmail.com